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on July 25, 2013

It’s 4 A.M. and I am wide awake.  I am not sure why it is that I do all my thinking when I should be sleeping.  Tonight, perhaps it has something to do with a project that I have undertaken, which project has caused me to remark more than once these past days, “I have bitten off more than I can chew”.  Did you ever do that?  Have you ever started something and in the middle of it, you want to throw up your hands and scream at the top of your lungs, “Whose idea was this anyway?”

Well, my project involves cobwebs, lots and lots of cobwebs.  I never knew there could be so many cobwebs.  But it’s too late to turn back now, just because I don’t like spiders and their cobwebs.  After all, I have laid out money to advertise this event toward which I am working desperately.  And, when all is said and done, I’ll be glad I did it….I think.  I am talking about a GARAGE SALE hosted by yours truly.  It is actually my first garage sale.

It was never supposed to be as huge a project as it has turned out to be.  And I haven’t even begun yet.  Already I have filled 11 tables and most of a 35 by 60 foot building called the 404 Auction.  That’s what I do.  I own an auction, and we’re entering the 7th year of being the only thing going on anywhere around here.  Literally.  There is nothing else to do, except go out and eat.  That probably explains why I am not alone in the obese category.  Anyway,  every Tuesday night for the last 7 years, we get together to drink free coffee, eat horribly unhealthy foods (like french fries or tater tots with chili or cheese ladled on top, hamburgers and hotdogs and polish sausage,  nachos, theater popcorn, ice cream) and to socialize.  It gets so loud sometimes, that the auctioneer actually has to call us down like school children.  “Now children.  If you don’t quieten down, I will take away your nachos.”  Seriously, it is a social club for mostly older adults who tire of the Western channel and Fox News on television and they are tired of  looking at each other, so Tuesday night is their night out.

You can imagine how folks took it when we announced that we were taking off  the month of July  for repairs and vacation.  Like I said, this is the only show in town.  Oh the moaning and groaning we heard.  Let me hasten to say that this was not an easy decision on our part.  We look forward to meeting old friends each week and making new friends,  laughing and catching up on the latest gossip, and then there’s  all that free coffee and junk food and all those great bargains!

So while my husband took off on on a much deserved vacation to Massachusetts, mainly  for the birth of his second great grandchild, I rolled up my sleeves and called someone with a young, strong back to come and help.  Six hours later, he had unloaded the contents of the garage into the auction building.  I am amazed at how much stuff was brought into the building.    I am talking about stuff that I don’t know where it came from, and I don’t even know what some of it is.  If you don’t know what it is, how do you know what  to charge for it?  And  to think that there will be even more stuff brought from my house tomorrow to be added to the “Twilight Zone”.   A friend came a couple of days to do what she could to help me, and her word for the day was “overwhelming”.  We began taking some of the books out and dusting off the cobwebs, and then I took a serious look and counted 10 big boxes of books.  There was no way I was going to waste another second dusting off cobwebs from books that I knew were not going to sell.  So I called our local library and found out that they weren’t even able to sell books at their recent sale.  So, my dear Facebook friend, if you’d like to come and pick them up, you can have them,  containers and cobwebs included!

I am guilty,  as are many of our auction patrons, of buying something because it’s such a “good deal”.  I don’t need it, I don’t really want it, and at the end of the night I ask myself, “why did you buy this?”  And somewhere in the back of some cabinet, I probably already have one.  I don’t know why I buy things I don’t need or really want, or why I hang on to clothes that no longer fit and went out of style years ago, but I do  know that when I die, I will take nothing with me from this world.  And my son whom I adore, will have the awful job of disposing of all of “mama’s junk”.

I also know that one garage sale is not nearly enough to dispose of everything.  So, there will be another one in the early fall.  I will keep you posted.  Meanwhile, perhaps we all need to take an inventory of our lives and brush away some of those cobwebs that have collected.  The words of a famous  James Reeves song keep echoing in my head tonight:

How long has it been since you talked with the Lord, and told Him your heart’s hidden secrets,

How long since you prayed, how long since you stayed on your knees till the light shone through.

How long has it been since your mind felt at ease, how long since your heart knew no burden,

Can you call Him your Friend, how long has it been since you knew that He cared for you.

How long has it been since you knelt by your bed and prayed to the Lord up in Heaven,

How long since you knew that He’d answer you, and would keep you the long night through.

How long has it been since you woke with the dawn, and felt that the day is worth living.

Can you call Him your Friend, how long has it been, since you knew that He cared for you.

It doesn’t take long for a spider to spin one of his webs.  And it doesn’t take long to get out of fellowship with the Lord, does it?  We let all the cares and concerns of this ol’ world bury us under a weight of worry.  We hide our real feelings behind a smile, while all the time our heart is aching.  He is standing by, watching and waiting for us to come to Him so He can take our burdens from us, and brush away the cobwebs.  It seems to be our tendency to accumulate unnecessary goods.  By the same token, we accumulate  excess baggage when we don’t allow Him to do what He does best….to shoulder our burdens and give us peace and rest.

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