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on May 29, 2015

I feel like ramblin’ today.  Don’t know where it will take me, but I will start with yesterday.  It was just an ordinary day.  My body was aching when I finally managed to roll out of bed and get it moving in the general direction of the bathroom.  The new rug on the bathroom floor felt soft and welcoming to my bare feet.  Ordinarily, I wouldn’t look at my reflection in the mirror first thing. But on this ordinary day I did look.  It took my breath away for a moment as I studied the dark circles under my eyes and the wrinkles, oh my, the wrinkles.  It was me alright.  The coffee pot was calling my name and as I walked toward the kitchen, there was a familiar cold nose and tongue licking at my feet with every step.  It was Abby, my adopted long-haired dachshund. She always managed to stay beside me and not in front of me for which I am thankful.  She demands a lot of attention and love, but she gives a lot of love back.  Of course Doodlebug, my blue Chihuahua, was not far behind, and both were expecting their daily bacon treats. Next came the opening of the blinds so I could look out at the bird feeders in my yard.  Ordinarily, there would be dozens of cardinals and blue birds.  Yesterday there were none because I  hadn’t filled the feeders.  That might explain their absence.

As soon as the coffee was ready, I took it to my rocking chair on the porch.  Both dogs were close on my heels.  I wondered if they would like coffee. It was so peaceful as I gently rocked and listened to the sound of the breeze in the pine trees.  On a list of my favorite things, the sound of the wind in the pines would have to be right there near the top.  And does anything smell as good as the morning after a spring rain.  I saw on the rain gauge that we had gotten 1/2 inch last night and remembered how lovely it was to listen to the sound of it falling on my tin roof as I drifted off to sleep.

Now that I am talking about my favorite things, I also enjoy the smell of bed sheets which have hung outside on a line.  They seem to capture all the good smells of the outdoors. Of course, who does that anymore?   And I love the smell and feel of freshly turned soil,  and the way a baby smells after a bath.  I could listen to Clair de Lune every day, and it once was my desire to learn to play the piano just so I could play Clair de Lune.  The smell of bacon drives me wild, but it is one of those foods on which I tend to gorge.  A few more favorite things are a freshly brewed glass of ice tea, fried green tomatoes, a comfortable pair of old jeans, the sound and smell of the ocean slapping the rocks, the smell of coffee brewing (though I prefer the smell more than the taste), and how about a good conversation with someone who is also a good listener.

I would be remiss to talk about my favorite things, and not to mention those things I dislike.  I don’t like being around a braggart or a show-off. I don’t like for a person to be friendly one day, and not know me the next.  I despise that “we the people” have allowed a few politicians to corrupt the moral structure of our country and to treat our Constitution with such disregard and disrespect.   I don’t like artichokes or licorice, and can’t understand how folks here in the south can eat chitterlings (hog intestines).  In the same vein, I enjoy chicken livers and if you stop to think about the function of the liver, well….Yuk.  I don’t like bad manners or disobedient children and fully realize that both are more than likely the result of lazy parents.  I dislike eating out with someone who is either talking on their cell phone or texting.  I find both to be rude.  I dislike the way that racism is blamed for things which have nothing to do with racism.  I learned that you should choose your socks by their color and your friends by their character. I hate being around someone who has nothing good to say and lastly (only because there is not room enough or time enough to continue in this vein) I hate being around someone who can talk about nothing except how perfect their kids or grandkids are.

If you have never tried writing down the things you like and dislike, you should try it.  You might learn something about yourself like I just did.

We are getting another one of those wonderful showers, and some thunder.  It’s time to make a cup of fresh coffee. Mind you, I like the smell of coffee much better than the taste.  Most coffee I fix, sits until it is cold and then I throw it out.  Coffee is such a social drink.  Have you ever thought about that?  I would much rather drink it WITH someone.

I have enjoyed ramblin’ and I hope you enjoyed it too.  Till the next time…

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