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I have to confess that Christmas can be, and has been in years past, a seasonal seesaw.  I would find myself loving Christmas one minute and then hating it the next.  I’d be excited, and then I’d be depressed.  Mostly, I’d be exhausted and just wanted  it to be over.  Sound like you?  And then there’s the worry about what to buy for whom.  Would they like it?  Who have I forgotten?

Well, that was my Christmas confession.  Maybe some of you can identify with part, if not all, of my seasonal seesaw.  Come join me in entering into the holidays without the teeter and totter in our emotions.  Here are some suggestions gleaned through the years:

1)  Set more SANE HOUSE GOALS.  It’s better to plan less and accomplish more than to fall short of your ideal and start your holidays feeling disappointed.  Don’t exhaust yourself with housecleaning.

2) Shop early, and buy on-line if the crowds and crazy drivers get under your skin.  Be sure you get a couple of generic emergency gifts, like a box of fine chocolates.  Wrap it and then if someone unexpected  drops by with a gift, you can say “just a moment and I’ll go get your gift”.

3)  Set a reasonable budget so that you won’t fall victim to strong sales tactics.  Even Christmas mood music plays on our nostalgia.  Set your goal and stick to it.  You’ll be glad you did, when the holidays are over, and you’re not having to borrow from Peter to pay Paul.

4)  Sow your seeds of goodwill, but a word of caution.  Don’t expect every “Scrooge” in your Christmas circle to embrace your efforts….or you, for that matter.  Don’t snowball your own emotions by expecting love from people who can’t give it.  History in a relationship is usually a good benchmark of his or her ability.  It’s unrealistic to believe that relatives and friends who have never hit it off, would suddenly become seasonal sidekicks.

5)  Most important of all – seek some silence.  Balance your busyness with moments of quietness.  Don’t allow the flashing lights on the outside to distract you from the inner light of His presence.  An attitude of gratitude expressed to Him will do wonders for your emotions and your schedule.

To sum it up: Set goals, shop early, settle budget, sow goodwill, seek silence, and don’t forget to SIMPLY CELEBRATE.

WAYS TO CELEBRATE SIMPLY:  “Write a forgotten friend, go caroling in your neighborhood, feed the birds, bake apples, write a poem, cut out cookies, share tea with a friend, frame an old snapshot, hug a child, hug an oldster, read the Christmas story out loud from the 2nd chapter of Luke, and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.”


One response to “SIMPLY CELEBRATE!

  1. It has been a while since my last blog. Thought I should share some of my thoughts here at Christmas. Hope you enjoy it. Would appreciate your feedback. Jodi

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